The Advantages to Selling Your Home Via Xome’s Online Auction Platform

There are several innovative tools in NextHome SunRaye’s arsenal that we can use to help you sell your home quickly while maximizing the return on your investment. For example, we have had great success with listing homes for sale through Xome’s Super Seller program an online auction platform.  This program is an effective way to sell your home quickly and for its true value. Sellers choosing to list their home on the auction platform will still receive the the full host of professional services that NextHome SunRaye always provides to our clients. The Xome Offer Marketplace provides additional benefits that are worth considering. Best of all? It’s free!  Here are some of the advantages to having NextHome Sunraye list your home for sale on Xome’s online auction platform:

  • Homes listed in the Xome Offer Marketplace allows buyers to submit offers for your property online. Online auctions create competition, and buyers will often pay more in an auction environment than they would typically through a normally negotiated sale.
  • The seller saves money when their NextHome SunRaye agent lists their home for sale on Xome’s online auction platform. How? The buyer pays a premium which eliminates payment of agent commissions by the seller. That’s right! 0% sales commissions out the seller’s pocket!
  • NextHome SunRaye lists the seller’s home for sale in the MLS just as it would be when choosing traditional selling marketing methods. This ensures that home sellers still get maximum exposure to buyers’ agents and prospective buyers.
  • NextHome SunRaye still provides expert market analysis and home valuation to our clients, as well as pricing advice, professional photos, signage, open house coordination and hosting, management of showings, assistance with offer negotiation, marketing and advertising of the listing, and more!
  • Homes listings on Xome’s online auction platform are shared with national search portals such as Zillow, Trulia,, and more.
  • The Xome Offer Marketplace is one of the largest and most active online real estate auction sites. With total sales over 80,000, it is an excellent way to expose your home to serious buyers and encourage multiple, competitive offers for your home while you maintain total control over pricing, as well as the decision of whether to sell or not.

What are you waiting for? Call NextHome SunRaye Realty today at (727) 343 – 8600 to learn more about Xome’s Super Seller program and online auction platform, a revolutionary approach to selling homes!