How Floor Plans Can Help Sell a Home

A Simple Floor Plan Can Demonstrate How Exceptional a Home Truly Is.

In addition to other effective marketing tools used to sell homes that include photos, virtual tours, staging, and virtual open houses, the simple floor plan allows potential buyers to decide if a home will meet their needs quickly and without any uncertainty. Once a buyer can determine comfort and usability of the space,  they can then peruse photos, property layouts, and other media to fill in the details that will help solidify their decision. A floor plan is an excellent marketing tool that can assist a realtor in helping their listing stand out from other competitor property listings, as it helps buyers see the structure of the home in addition to how the rooms communicate with one another.

Industry experts from Moreover, Reddit, Rightmove, and City-Data also share positive pro-floor plan opinions:

Adding a floor plan to a real estate listing can increase click-throughs from buyers by 52%.

A floor plan can save a lot of driving and looking.

A floor plan qualifies a buyer before even seeing the home.


Being sensitive to the buyer’s needs and considerate of their time.

Realtors who add real estate floor plans to their listings’ marketing materials will turn any buyer into a grateful one when it saves their time. Getting valuable insights about a property is mutually beneficial for both agent and buyer. Why wouldn’t any real estate professional want to offer the buyer all the possible information and visual assets before arranging an in-person visit? By consistently providing floor plans, it will become easier for buyers to understand if they like a home’s layout or not.

While a floorpan doesn’t tell the whole story, there is a lot that can be determined from it, and it also goes a long way with helping buyers who may be handicapped or disabled and have a difficult time attending in-person visits.  A floor plan helps to narrow down options in these cases by displaying the home’s accessibility or lack thereof.

In other situations, when buyers have multiple home visits per day, they may forget certain distinctions between two options. This is where a floor plan can impress a specific property into the buyer’s memory. The buyer already visualized himself in that property by utilizing that defined structure to help him envision his future life in that house. Hence, an emotional connection is formed and should be taken into account when selling properties to buyers.

Creating a well defined, quality floor plan is straightforward with the right tools.

NextHome SunRaye Realty employs Matterport 3D technology to create high-quality, web-ready floor plans that include detailed output. The simple visual has more useful impact than virtual tours as it provides the most detailed information from a critical perspective. Whether you are looking to sell your home or purchase a new one, floor plans provide a valuable visual that will assist you remarkably.


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