Canine Companions for Independence: Don’t Let Our Heroes Become a Statistic

We need to face a grim reality. Up to 30% of U.S. veterans have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and 18 U.S. veterans die by suicide every day. Canine Companions is taking action.

As the leader in the industry, Canine Companions was chosen to partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs to examine the effectiveness of service dogs for veterans with PTSD. The four-year study showed that veterans partnered with task-trained service dogs had greater reduction in suicidal ideation compared to those paired with dogs that solely provided emotional support. Service dogs also decreased the frequency and severity of symptoms of PTSD.

Rodney, who served in the U.S. Army for 20 years, is one of the veterans benefiting from the power of the human-canine bond. He was matched with Service Dog Novella, trained in over 45 commands to mitigate symptoms of PTSD, including anxiety and nightmare interruption. According to their survey, 95% of veteran clients report a decrease in frequency and severity of symptoms of PTSD, with 100% reporting increased independence since receiving their service dogs. 

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Your contribution will make a difference – help our heroes, as well as our children and adults with disabilities, for years to come. Plus, your gift will be doubled thanks to Canine Companions’ $50,000 match challenge! Please click the yellow button to donate today! NextHome SunRaye Realty is proud to be partnered with Canine Companions in support of veterans and this organization’s amazing mission.