Happy Luke Day!  Join in Our Annual Day of Community Outreach by Supporting Canine Companions for Independence!

NextHome SunRaye Realty is joining forces with our fellow NextHomies around the country in celebrating Luke Day, our annual day of community outreach that was created in honor of our company mascot, Luke!

Today is the day we come together in support of a great organization – Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). Through Canine Companions, we are inviting Facebook friends, families, clients, and colleagues to assist us in making a difference by donating and helping to raise funds to support the mission of Canine Companions for Independence, our national charity. This incredible organization works with adults, children, and veterans with disabilities by providing them with expertly trained assistance dogs that can help them live a better quality of life!

Click here to see a local news report on News Channel 8/ from February of this year that shows footage of a recent service dog graduation where these special dogs get paired with their partners for the first time. It shows how two service dogs, Lauren and Tibet have been called to duty at the Hillsborough County Courthouse facility in Tampa, Florida to provide assistance to abused children who face tough testimony at court hearings. These dogs are there to help them relax and let them know that they have special support standing close by. These highly trained service animals also serve children in foster care at a child advocacy and protection center here in Tampa.

Every dollar you donate will help provide these incredible dogs to people that need their assistance. From picking up keys, turning on light switches, comfortably going to the park with family and much much more.

With your help, we can get more of these amazing Canine Companions assistance dogs into the lives of those who need them.

Thanks for your support! Click HERE to help our team, the SunRaye Tail Waggers, reach our $1,000 fundraising goal!




NextHome Partners with Canine Companions for Independance

NextHome SunRaye Realty is proud to be a part of the NextHome family as they partner with Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit organization that works to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities. They accomplish this by providing them with highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support. Canine Companions for Independence breed, train, and raise these smart canines to help their human partners perform daily tasks, and in some cases even serve as their eyes, ears, hands or legs. This is a powerful program that opens up new possibilities and opportunities for those who are disabled, and it also spreads an incredible amount of joy.

Canine Companions breeds Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and a cross between both breeds. After the puppies are cared for and nurtured by volunteers for the first eight weeks after birth, the organization spends the next 18 months caring for, training and socializing them. These dogs are taught to master over 40 commands in six to nine months. After these dogs complete this rigorous training, they then go through additional team training and are matched with adults, veterans, children with disabilities, or professionals that assist clients with special needs. This stage of team training concludes with a special graduation ceremony for the furry graduates, who then embark on a new life of service!

When donating to causes close to your heart this year, please consider donating or getting involved with Canine Companions for Independance! NextHome SunRaye Realty is proud to support this amazing organization!

Girl in wheelchair with service dog indoors