No Longer Flying Under the Radar: Gulfport Gets Noticed in the Boston Globe

Described as a “small waterfront village with an Old Florida, offbeat vibe”  in last week’s Boston Globe article, Tampa Bay’s unique and beloved city of Gulfport made the news! With an old Key West feel, Gulfport is a charming little coastal city that borders St. Petersburg with an amazing waterfront view of Boca Ciega Bay. In addition to its extraordinary location, visitors will find Gulfport to be a welcoming, leisurely beach town with great shops, amazing restaurants, art galleries, a historic casino ballroom, and more.

Interested in checking out the real estate for sale in Gulfport? Give our St. Petersburg office a call, we’ll show you around!

Pay a visit to Gulfport the next time you are visiting Tampa Bay. It was one of our best kept little secrets, until last week!

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Photos (from top left) via Flickr by Terence Faircloth, City of St. Pete, Calmuziclover, and Distinguished Reflections.